Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Today was a good day for me and I feel so good and proud about myself and I guess you all don't wanna know why but I'm still gonna say it.
   * I practised for hours today (doesn't happen often)
   * I learned new rudiments, rolls, fills, and dynamics and also applied them on the drum kit in a day (yeah I'm a genius)
   * I got a call back from the last Gig I had (one of the biggest Gig ever)
   * I'm gonna be on tour with one of the biggest artiste in Nigeria (I dreamed about it Lol, still waiting for it to become a reality. #Positive)
   *And I finally showed gratitude to the universe for making me a drummer.


None of my band mates was there to give me an high-five and tell me how good I am and also lie to my face on how I am the greatest drummer on earth but instead I sat there closed my eyes and I began to imagine things. And as you all know imagination is envisioning things that do not exist.

So let's just imagine you on your way to the studio or where ever you practice and on getting close to the door you hear voices, not just any kind of voice but the voice of each part of the drum kit saying good and bad stuff about you and how you treat them on a Gig, show and studio sessions.

This is what the drum kit had to say about me.

Drum sticks: Hey guys! What do you have to say about my boss. You know I literally spend more hours with him than he does with you guys.

Snare: No you don't

Drum sticks: Yes I do and I'm pretty sure you know he doesn't need a snare to practise his rudiments. Anything and everything works for him.

Snare: Yeah I do and that's why you look rough, broken and unused sometimes.

Cymbal: Enough. Can we get back to discussing what we like about Jamer the drummer.

2nd tom: He is cool, though he really doesn't use much of me but I do get to enjoy a single or sometimes a double stroke before he crashes on a cymbal and I also get to feature in some of his rolls.

1st tom: His fills are good and I love the fact that he shares a triplet between I and the snare. His rolls are cool but can be better.

Hi-Hat: He knows how important I am but still he doesn't use me in most of his rolls and dynamics. I have seen other pro drummers use my colleagues perfectly in a roll and to be honest it kinda hurt.

Floor tom: I play a crucial part in some of his rolls and rudiments and I ain't complaining but what I do know is I get to enjoy a stroke or two before he hits Mr cymbal.

Bass drum: He is kinda good with the double kicking and also knows when to use it in a roll but his speed is not that good, he needs to work on that.

Cymbal: Snare you got anything to say?

Snare: Nothing much. I like him and I also love the fact that he works on his rudiments, rolls and fills well and applies them smoothly on the drum kit. I also know for fact that I am able to handle a roll with the help of the bass drum alone but he shares triplets, rudiments, rolls, fills and dynamics with hi-hat, the twin brothers (1st & 2nd tom) and their big fat bro (floor tom).

Cymbal: I don't think I have complains but if there is one thing I like about him is the fact that he hits a stroke on me for a reason, I might come out as the most loudest and the one with the most noise but when he is on the kit I don't feel like the noise making cymbal you all call me.

Drum stick: I know he is gonna replace me the moment I get old or broken but what I know is, I am glad to be used by a drummer like jamer and to work with you guys.

Yeah I know I sound crazy right now but this is just me and my imagination.
If the drum kit could talk what do you think they'd say about you.



Tuesday, 27 March 2018


For months now I have been in a "Gig-less Phase" and so far it has been a horrible experience for me as a drummer. I do practise at home with my pads every day but it still doesn't give me the feeling and joy I get when I play on a Gig.

I don't know how long it's gonna be but I really do want it to end. I feel like I am slowly drifting away from the one thing I know how to do best, the one thing that gives me joy and being away from it kinda makes me sick Lol.

Every morning I wake up with questions in my head and the two questions that comes up is (1) why am I Gig-less?: Does being Gig-less have to do with the fact that I am introverted?, does it have to do with having no musical instrumentalist as friends?, being in the wrong environment?, taking the small/free Gigs for granted?, not skillful enough?(Lol I'm good, I know it), not showing enough interest? Or no musical connections? And (2) How do I get pass this Phase?

I really don't know the answer to this questions. I really dont.

But looking at the bright side, I do have enough time to practise, learn new things, work on my self as a drummer and also believe that soon the
opportunity is gonna come and i'm gonna nail it Lol(i believe I am)

Till then I am just gonna be patient and try to put my introverted a** out there and hope for the best.

And if you have been in the "Gig-less Phase" like I call it, i'd like to know how you broke through.


Monday, 5 February 2018

The Fancy And The Important Drum Gears

We all love the new, popular, packaged and fancy stuff, who doesn't? It's cool getting the new fancy drum gears but putting so much importance to it and also letting it decide our worth as a drummer isn't cool.

Packaging and swags sometimes gets us the gigs we want but focusing on that alone becomes a problem, because for every gig we get through our swags, fancy gears and packaging, we are tend to pay back with our skills and personality,  and if can't payback, we don't get a call back.

The ultimate goal as drummers is to focus on our skill, confidence, network and personality. If we are able to combine that and add a little bit of packaging to our goals, then more gigs shall be added to the ones we have.

Getting the new (popular, fancy, packaged) gears is cool but not necessarily as cool as the important (skill, confidence, work ethics and a good personality) gears.

FOCUS on the right things and also remember that:

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

5 Crazy Hiddens Facts About Drummers

I have always known drummers to be humble, social and different with great personality, uniqueness and swag (I'm a drummer too, in case you are wondering how I got to know this) but there are few things most people don't know about drummers, making them look so perfect and also forgetting they are humans too ( we are humans but the special kind. Lol).

So, here are five(5) crazy things drummers do that makes us human but the special kind

1) Drummers do get angry too. Lol who doesn't???

2) We sometimes  love to show off, even if u have no interest in what we're showing you.

3) Drummers Don't do maths. The only maths we do is counting the quarter, eighth  and sixteenth note out loud.

4) We do mess things up "sometimes" Lol.

5) Just like every human, Drummers do LIE. Lol.



Thursday, 4 January 2018

Why Drummers Watch Music Reality Shows

Dear Music Reality Shows, you've always wondered:

*why i am so engrossed in your shows

*why i kept track of all the musical contestants on your shows

*why i looked forward to all the performance from various contestants

*why i enjoyed the eviction show and prayed not to watch my favorite contestant get evicted

*why i kept voting tirelessly for my favorite contestant

*why i never got mad/angry at you after watching my favorite contestant lose, even tho he/she was the favorite on to win

*why i stayed loyal to you, season after season.

Dear Music Reality Shows, truth is, i never watched your show because of the reasons listed above. 

As a drummer who is passionately interested in anything related to music, i watched your show because:


Monday, 1 January 2018

The Laws Of Power For Drummers

The 48 Laws of Power happens to be one of my favorite books, a book full of mind blowing historical stories, power, risk and influence but today i am going to share with you some of the laws and also a drummer's version or interpretation of the laws.

NB: DV--- Drummers Version
So here we go:

1)Never Outshine your Master
  DV: If you still want to have gigs to play, if you still want to get connected to the big names in the industry never outshine your drums master. Lol.

2)Never put too much Trust in Friends, learn how to use Enemies
  DV: Never put too much trust in your regular drum kit, learn to use the electronic drum kit.

3)Always say Less than Necessary
  DV: We tired of hearing how good you are. Lets see what you can do on the kit.

4)So much depend on reputation - Guard it with your life
  DV: If you are a pro drummer, be a better pro. If you are an amateur strive to be a better drummer.

5)Get other People to do the Work for you, but always take the credit
  DV: Get the metronome to do the work for you, but always take the credit. Lol.

6)Infection: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky
  DV: Avoid the unhappy band mates and the unhappy drum kit, they make you look bad.

7)Learn to keep people dependent on you
  DV: learn to keep the band/lead singers dependent on you, if not you are gonna be kicked out.

8)Crush your enemy totally
  DV: Crush every Gig totally but in a good way. Lol.

9)Know Who you are Dealing with - Do not offend the wrong person
  DV: Do not offend the music director or the lead singer, i repeat do not offend.

10)Recreate yourself
   DV: Recreate yourself by reinventing yourself. Be a better person/drummer.

11)Enter Action with Boldness
   DV: Enter every Gig with Boldness.

12)Make Your Accomplishment Seem Effortless
   DV: Let people see the amazing things you can do on the drum kit. Conceal your tricks and

13)Be Royal in your Own Fashion: Act like King to be treated like One
   DV: Act like a pro drummer to be treated like one. Be the boss in the Game.

14)Avoiding Stepping into a Great Man's Shoes
   DV: As much as you can, avoid stepping into the shoes of the guys that got you the big Gigs and connections.

15)Never appear too Perfect
   DV: Sit down and be humble. Lol.


Saturday, 30 December 2017

Girls On The Instrument

Lol. It's a feeling i truly can't explain. I happen to be a huge fan of the football genius. The way he plays is amazing. The skills, the assist, the dribbles, the goals and the awards/trophies shows how good he is but this post is not about him but about the beautiful girl drummers all around the world.

All my life i grew up making music with mostly guys and i am sure most guys did too, so watching a girl jam crazily to a song for the first time was new to me and at the same time pretty cool.

It's kinda hard to see girl drummers or instrumentalist, especially here in Nigeria but with the few i have seen, i can proudly say it has been an honor watching them do their thing.

Today is not a girl drummers day but a day i had choose to appreciate the girls, ladies and women who choose to play the instrument and make beautiful music. Be it the drums, keyboard, saxophone, bass guitar etc, it doesn't matter, what matters is that they are beautiful and amazingly good at what they do.



Today was a good day for me and I feel so good and proud about myself and I guess you all don't wanna know why but I'm still gonna s...